Just by shopping locally at participating retailers, you can earn points that will be worth CASH for your selected club, school or community group.

The cash comes directly from the $10,000 InTarra Community Fund, founded with the generosity of DMG Financial and Elders Yarram.

  • For SHOPPERS: Click the InTarra Card button in the Mobile App and show it when shopping locally. Your selected club, school or group will get CASH

* You will need a login. If you haven't got a login, you can sign up here.

Once you've logged in, you can access your card from the 'Get Points' shortcut when you open the mobile app. Or by clicking the InTarra Card button at the top of any page within the app.




* If you prefer an actual plastic InTarra Card instead of the mobile app, click here.

  • For CLUBS, schools, community groups:  Sign up to receive CASH with the printable form available here

Groups that have already signed up include:

  • For RETAILERS interested in offering Community Cash to their customers; contact us here

See below for a list of retailers that have already signed up.

  • Total Community Fund available: $10,000

  • In the month of April 2021: $1000 of this will be distributed to participating clubs, schools and community groups based on points earned including any bonus points awarded during the month.

  • Each month we will announce the amount to be distributed that month.

Local retailers at which you can earn cash with your InTarra Community Card: (more to come!)

Retailers that have already signed up include: