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  • Eg Error, not allowed etc.

  • Eg. An error or confirmation closed by the application.

Editing Items on Mobile Devices:  The following features are not available when editing on a mobile device ​....

Editing Items on Mobile Devices:  The following features are not available when editing on a mobile device:

  • Change item image

If you create an item on a mobile device, it can still be edited using a desktop computer.

- Non-editable details -

Non-editable details (html)

- Editable Details -

Legal Name

  • Max 70 characters

Display Name

  • Max 45 characters

Organisation Inc Number

  • ABN, ACN, ARBN, Incorporation number or other ASIC-recognised number


  • Note schools and churches should be marked as community org as well. But commercial learning institutions should be marked as shop/service as well

Example Calendar Entries



  • Comma Separated List

Finance Type


Joining Date

DB Entry Type

  • Comma Separated List

Community Points Program Status

- End of non-editable details -


  • The Special Notice feature is not currently enabled. If you think should be enabled, please contact us via the 'contact' link in the main menu.

Do you want to display a Special Notice for:

The public holiday weekend beginning x ending x

  • Do not use this feature for event information. This feature is for special notices relating to your entire organisation or group.​

  • The Special Notice will be automatically removed by InTarra when the period has ended.

  • Do not include your business name - this will be included automatically

  • Do not include the special notice period (eg 'during the long weekend')  - this will be included automatically

  • Maximum 200 characters. You can include links to websites or other resources.

InTarra is NOT an emergency system and this special notice mechanism must not be relied upon for critical communications. It is intended only to assist in distributing information where possible. 


Now check the rest of your organisation details and click on the 'Submit' button at the very bottom

Note: The following details are for your NORMAL business/organisation listing.

Ie. your NORMAL hours of operation, location etc.:

Very Brief Description

  • Max 70 characters

Normal Operating Hours

Start Time

End Time

  • 70 characters max.

  • Eg: Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:30pm,  Sat 9:00am-12 Midday, Sunday Closed

Web Page

  • Is there a webpage with more information about this?

Test it!

Contact Details. Note that these will be made public

Contact Name:  (If you do not wish to put a name you may put, for example, 'Reception', 'Co-ordinator', 'Secretary' etc.)

Contact's Role:  Eg President, Secretary, Owner, Managing Director etc

email address:

Phone Number:

LOCATION Information:  Physical location, useful directions and/or postal address etc.

Picture / Photo

Upload a new image...

Upload Failed

Upload Successful

Picture has come from your organisation's directory entry. To change it, edit this event on a desktop or laptop computer. 


New Image is Uploading...


  • If your activity can only be attended online, choose 'ONLINE ONLY' from the dropdown list

  • Tip: typing the first three letters of the location into the dropdown list will assist in selecting the town/locality

Detailed Description

  • Please use the following checklist to assist you. It has been created based on your answers above.

  1. Are bookings or tickets essential?

  2. Are there any requirements or restrictions? Eg Age requirement, qualification/certification, healthcare card etc.

  • Note: The first one or two lines of your description appear as a 'teaser' in the summary list.  This is what people see first, so make sure you put something that GRABS people's attention in the first lines of your description.


there are two steps required:

STEP  1:

  • ​An authorisation code will be sent to your mobile which will allow you to make your entry visible to the general public.

  • Once you SUBMIT, your only choice will be to PUBLISH or DELETE it

STEP  2:

Enter the authorisation code

  • Didn't receive the code? You should wait a full 5 minutes before re-sending the code with the button below

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