Free Stuff from InTarra 

Every time you visit the What's On page, InTarra automatically checks to see if there's a gift waiting for you.  This only works if you are logged in

If you have a free gift waiting, you'll see one of these:


'What kinds of Gifts?' we here you say..

These kinds...

  • Coffee / Hot Drink from Cafe Aga

  • Monster Marshmallow from Artichoke Books

  • Soft drink from Wharf Fish and Chips

  • Seedlings from Coopers Timber and Hardware

  • Pies from Yarram Plaza Hotbread

  • Coffee/ Hot Drink from Yarram Coffee Palace

  • Chips or Dim Sims from 196 Fish and Chips

We recommend keeping an eye out for SMS's from InTarra and having notifications enabled for the InTarra App.  You can download the app here.


If you haven't got a login, you can sign up here.  

  • Eg Error, not allowed etc.

  • Eg. An error or confirmation of some kind which is closed by the application.