Plastic InTarra Community Cards

You need to have an InTarra Login to be eligible for an InTarra Community Card.  Don't have a login? -  sign up

  • If you already have a plastic InTarra Card and want to connect it with your existing InTarra account, just tell us your email address and the 9-digit Card Number using this link: Contact Us


  • If already have a plastic InTarra Card but don't yet have an InTarra login, click here

  • If you would like an actual plastic InTarra Card, just let us know your email address using this link: Contact Us. Note, you will still need to sign up to use a plastic card. If you haven't got a login, you can sign up here.

Card Status

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Card Status

  • Eg Error, not allowed etc.

  • Eg. An error or confirmation of some kind which is closed by the application.